Addicted, is a one-hour docu-series that follows the lives of individuals struggling with addiction as they work with top interventionist Kristina Wandzilak. As a recovering addict herself, family interventionist Kristina, pulls from her own experiences, bringing experience and compassion to the healing process. Addicted depicts the debilitating disease of addiction and how it not only affects the addict but the family as well. Kristina empowers the addicts and the families to help them not only get sober, but to also live the healthy lives they deserve. Each episode of Addicted follows one addict from the daily desperation of drug use, to a tense and tearful intervention, and on the road to recovery. While the problem of substance abuse is addressed, the family and the addict are given the tools to not only get well in the moment but to continue a healthy life. Each addict faces Kristina’s unique approach to intervention that involves planning by and the awareness of all members of the family, including the addict.

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