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24th of August 1608

On this day in history, the 1st representative of the East India landed in Surat for purposes of trade. The East India Company gained a footing in India in 1612 after, Mughal ruler Jahangir gave the Company rights to build a factory and trading port in Surat.

24th of August 1908

Shivaram Rajguru played a major part in the assassination of a British police officer, J. P. Saunders, at Lahore in 1928, to avenge the death of Lala Lajpat Rai who had died a fortnight after being hit by police while on a march protesting the Simon Commission.

24th of August 1891

Did you know, On this day in history, Thomas Edison patented his first movie camera, called the kinetograph. He called the invention a 'Kinetoscope', using the Greek words 'kineto' meaning 'movement' and 'scopos' meaning to watch.